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About Us

From our inception in 2018, our ambition was to create a traditional French custard-style ice cream that was free from stabilisers, emulsifiers, artificial flavorings, and preservatives. To this day we still hold these same values, which go into everything we do. This means that rather than buying in flavours and pastes from flavour houses, each one of our flavours is formulated by us, to work with the raw ingredients which we process ourselves in our kitchen.



What This Looks Like

Our base consists of 4 simple ingredients; Milk from our family dairy farm Westcombe Dairy, fresh double cream from Gloustershire, Free Range egg yolk from Clarence Court, and British beet sugar. No ultra processed gums used to thicken the ice cream or artificial emulsifiers with names you can barely pronounce.

Sourcing Our Ingredients

We look to work with the best producers and suppliers we can find, who share the same values as us. All our chocolate comes from Pump Street, based in Suffolk who source directly from cocoa farmers, ensuring prices far greater than fair trade. They also follow our ethos of simple natural ingredients, with their chocolate consisting of just Cocoa beans, cane sugar, and cocoa butter! The Ricotta for our Ricotta Stracciatella comes from the family farm, from the same milk used in our ice cream, and is produced next door! We only use whole Vanilla pods, no extract, which are organically grown and sustainably sourced from Madagascar.

Kitchen Garden

Next to our production site, in the village of Westcombe, Somerset, we have a 1-acre Georgian Kitchen Garden brought by our grandfather, after the house it belonged to was demolished after the war. We have been slowly restoring this to its former glory, and have this year (2023) put down 50 mint plants for a new seasonal flavour to be run in summer 2024. This is the first of many seasonal flavours where we are going to be growing the main ingredient ourselves, controlling the inputs, and reducing our food miles.

Sustainable Packaging

From day one we have used a fully recyclable brown kraft tub to house ice cream. This year we finally found a supplier that could offer us the same packaging for our single portion 120ml tubs to join the family. These come complete with a wooden spoon in the lid, so are entirely plastic-free.

Family Run Business

We are a family team here at Brickell’s – husband and wife. Rob started the business after having a passion for Ice Cream and wanting to diversify the milk on his family farm. Rob went off to Penn State University for a short course in Ice Cream Science and on his return founded Brickell’s. Iona joined in 2023 to support the sales and the growth of the company and her role very much focuses on helping to drive Brickell’s to the next level.